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“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.Confucius

Consciously or unconsciously, those words of wisdom emanating from the ancient Chinese philosopher seem to inspire musicians who, in turn, inspire us, the listeners.

Listening carefully has been the route via which the chosen artists on the roster of Gershunoff Artists, LLC have been assembled for your consideration.As a “listener” from an early age born into a family of musicians, as well as a musician myself, a graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music who performed under the batons of such giants as Toscanini, Reiner and Mitropolous, I have been well trained to discern musicians who are inspired when adding an instrumentalist, conductor or special attraction to our roster. However, I am but the messenger earnestly placing artistry before those who are seriously interested.


So, listening with great care has brought artists to the roster of not only exceptional technical virtuosity but an ability to communicate musical depth of understanding in their performances.While audiences always are moved to spontaneous applause by technical wizardry, they are not emotionally moved by technique alone.It is when technique and musicality meld that the true performing artist emerges and instead of an immediate burst of applause at the end of a performance there is a moment of stunned, dead silence before the eruption of applause.That is when an audience has been emotionally moved by an artist.


Recent additions to this carefully and painstakingly selected roster include the Gold Medal winner of the 2005 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, Alexander Kobrin; the fast emerging and already eminent Belgian pianist Ben Roels; perhaps South Africa's leading exponent of pianism, Ms. Petronel Malan; and French violinist Frederic Pelassy who has been a “roving ambassador” performing worldwide for his nation for the past several years.



Illustrating how “listening” is so very important to the roster of this management is the instance of the addition of pianist Alexander Kobrin.I attended the 2005 competition at which this pianist was competing.Before the winners were announced I knew that he would be the Gold Medallist that year.I had “listened” very carefully to all of the competitors, just as years before at the 1977 competition in Fort Worth, I had selected a “loser” as my “winner.”That was the Soviet defector, pianist Youri Egorov, who failed to make it to the finals, an oversight I could not understand having heard all of his performances in that year’s competition.Putting my money where my mouth was I added the 23 year old artist Egorov to our roster and presented him in recital in January 1978 at Alice Tully Hall in New York City’s LincolnCenter and in December of that year again in recital in Carnegie Hall, as well as the following year. All of Egorov’s concerts were hailed by the critics as the emergence of a newly discovered profound musical talent.So, too, do the performances of Alexander Kobrin, Ben Roels, Petronel Malan and Frederic Pelassy merit the enthusiastic praise of international critics and all such can be viewed on their individual web sites, as well as on the web site of Gershunoff Artists, LLC where our entire roster may be viewed.Please take a few moments to view the roster, connect to performances on You Tube and take a “listen” for yourself.

Maxim Gershunoff




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